About me

I am

Short Bio: Paolo Medici, born in Reggio Emilia, Italy, holds a PhD in Information Technology and a MsC in Electronic Engineering, both from the Università di Parma, Italy. After graduating in 2004 he began working as researcher in the Artificial Vision and Intelligent System Laboratory (Vislab) with the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, Università di Parma and since 2015 he has been working full-time at VISLAB.
His researches embrace many fields of computer vision, sensors calibration techniques, structure from motion, ensemble and deep learning, stereo vision, keypoints extraction and matching, vehicle control for the development of advanced driver assistance systems and future autonomous vehicles.

Current Title: Senior Manager at VisLab and Perception for Vehicles Course Instructor.

My expertises are on

  • Sensor Camera. Calibration and modelling lens and projection for real stereoscopic sensor.
  • Autonomous Vehicle. Development of the low level control, the path planner and supervision of the World Perception Server for PROUD. Development of a General Purpose Vehicle PathPlanner, tested during the VIAC the Vislab Intercontinental Autonomous Challenge 2010. Development of a Ground Plane Stereo obstacle detector, used in UrbanChallenge 2007 and engineered on a DSP TI DM642. GrandChallenge 2005 in the Terramax Team as System Integrator and Problem Solver. GrandChallenge 2004 in the Terramax Team developing a Path Detection algorithm and expert of the communication system.
  • Object Recognition and Machine learning. Pedestrian, Vehicle and Traffic Sign Recognition using ensemble learning classifier (the "classical" approach). Vehicles and pedestrians detection for V-Charge EU project. Development of a Traffic Sign Recognition for Magneti Marelli. Development of a Pedestrian Detection and an Obstacle Detector for APALACI-PReVENT EU project
  • Image processing: development of image processing algorithm on PC, DSP, ARM and FPGA - on PC and ARM using SIMD (SSEx, NEON) instructions.