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MOB-LAB Project

The MOB-LAB Project at the University of Parma

This Project has been supported by Italian CNR through the `Progetto Finalizzato Trasporti 2'.

From its birth, the Computer Vision Lab has been involved in the Eureka PROMETHEUS Project, aimed to the improvement of road traffic safety by means of Computer Vision Systems.

Within the same project, it has been possible to acquire a Connection Machine CM-2 (see image) for the development and testing of the algorithms.

All the results of the project have been integrated on the MOB-LAB vehicle, the MOBile LABoratory demonstrating the results of the Italian PROMETHEUS Units. The MOB-LAB vehicle has been demonstrated at the BMM (Board Member Meeting) in Paris, October 1994.

The MOB-LAB vehicle

A few images of the MOB-LAB vehicle are available thanks to the courtesy of Jose Pettiti (CSTV - Torino)

The activities of Parma Research Unit are mainly two:

Please do not hesitate to contact the Page Manager (Alberto Broggi) for any additional information on PAPRICA project, and on the algorithms developed on PAPRICA system.

Alberto Broggi