The MOB-LAB project

The MOB-LAB Project

This Project was supported by Italian CNR through the `Progetto Finalizzato Trasporti 2'.

The Italian PROMETHEUS Research Team working on PRO-ART and PRO-CHIP Projects presents MOB-LAB, a MOBile LABoratory suited to develop and test real time intelligent systems, monitoring the trajectory of a vehicle running on extraurban roads, by means of computer vision systems.

A few images of the MOB-LAB vehicle are available thanks to the courtesy of Jose Pettiti (CSTV - Torino)

The MOB-LAB vehicle





The system shows the results of different approaches of computer vision techniques to alert the driver in dangerous situations. The MOB-LAB vehicle has been demonstrated at the BMM ( Board Member Meeting) in Paris, October 1994.

Project Coordinator

Prof. Giovanni Adorni, Department of Computer Engineering - University of Parma, Viale delle Scienze - 43100 Parma - ITALY

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