Safety Tests on a Heavy Loaded Vehicle

immagine articolo loadtestsThe safety tests, that were carried out in the past in the Elettric 80 demo plant [video], have been repeated by considering a vehicle carrying a load equal to 350 kg. The new experiments were conceived to verify if safety is still guaranteed despite the increased LGV weight. The following video shows the achieved results for one of the segment of the demo plant: an obstacle is located in several positions of the segment itself thus causing several emergency stops. The same test has been repeated for all the segments of the demo plant.

The acquired results confirmed the expectations: in all the tests the safety margin reduced, on average, by 3 centimeters (the average safety margin is equal to 20 centimeters) but collisions were always avoided. This allows one concluding that the experiments confirmed the safeness of the SAFERUN planning strategy even in case of heavy loaded LGVs.

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