Experimental Results

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The performances of the SAFERUN velocity planning algorithm have been experimentally tested in the demo plant of Elettric 80. Tests were conceived to determine the gains, in terms of execution-times, that the new algorithm can guarantee w.r.t. the one currently used in the commercial vehicles of Elettric 80. The tests were executed by considering paths with different curvature and by verifying the achieved performances for each of them.

Measured time-reductions vary from 13% to 80%, depending on the path curvature. The higher gains were obtained for curves admiting a very small radius. These curves are rarely used in real plants since they would require, if the classic planning algorithm is used, too long execution times. The use of SAFERUN allows reasonable traveling times also in the case of very narrow curves. As a consequence, it is easy to predict that, in the next future, the SAFERUN planner will be used for the creation of paths which allow movements within very confined spaces. Comparative tests were carried out by considering individual curves (some videos can be found here), as well as composite paths (some videos can be found here).

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