System Integration

The project enters the experimental phase. The new planner has been ported from the Matlab environment to the C++ language in order to be executed on the PLCs which govern the test LGVs. The integration work required to introduce many changes in the software code of the test vehicles and of the plant supervisors. The new supervisors are now able to manage plants in which new vehicles work together with old ones. This required solving several problems, since old and new vehicles behave differently and need different sets of data for the execution of the same curves. This requirement is fundamental for the execution of the tests in the PreGel plant, since in that framework the experimental vehicle will necessarily work together with standard LGVs.

The LGV software code has been modified so as to allow the commutation between the two planning techniques. This will allow using a single vehicle for the comparative tests: depending on the settings, the same LGV can act as the commercial ones or it can adopt the new planning strategy.

The new supervisors and the new vehicles are currently being tested in the Elettric80 demo plant and in PreGel warehouse. An updated vehicle is working in PreGel together with standard LGVs. Since at the moment the focus is posed on the code reliability, the novel LGV is configured so as to behave as a standard vehicle. Tests will go on until the robustness of the new software will be guaranteed with certainty.

Conversely, the very first comparative tests are currently being executed in Elettric 80. This video, that can be seen here, shows a set of curves executed with the two planning algorithms: time improvements are evident.

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