PGplant 1 ridThe last three months of the project have been devoted to extensively test SAFERUN in the Pregel plant. More precisely, owing to the robust behavior shown by the system during the preliminary tests, the experimentation was extended to real operative conditions: the working area of the experimental LGVs was extended to the whole plant and their missions were autonomously planned by the plant supervisor together with the ones of the other vehicles. Practically, the novel LGVs have been tested, with continuity, for three months under actual operative conditions, i.e., by sharing their workspace with human operators and with other standard LGVs.

immagine articolo exp5The experiments in the PreGel plant fully entered the operating phase. The whole plant is now governed  by the SAFERUN supervisor, which simultaneously manages LGVs equipped with the SAFERUN software and others still driven with the Standard algorithm. The tests allowed verifying the supervisor reliability even in case of hybrid configurations like the one here considered. Such tests are very important since one of the project targets is represented by the implementation of the SAFERUN approach on old plants.

Performance tests executed in the PreGel plant returned quite promising statistics.

immagine articolo loadtestsThe safety tests, that were carried out in the past in the Elettric 80 demo plant [video], have been repeated by considering a vehicle carrying a load equal to 350 kg. The new experiments were conceived to verify if safety is still guaranteed despite the increased LGV weight. The following video shows the achieved results for one of the segment of the demo plant: an obstacle is located in several positions of the segment itself thus causing several emergency stops. The same test has been repeated for all the segments of the demo plant.

lgv pg smallThe SAFERUN planner has been ported to the PreGel warehouse for its first experimental validation in actual operating conditions. Differently from the experiments executed in the Elettric 80 demo plant, the system supervisor must simultaneously manage several vehicles. Most of them are still driven by means of the standard planner, while one uses SAFERUN.

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