Computer Engineering Paper Massimo Bertozzi, Alberto Broggi, and Alessandra Fascioli, Autonomous Vehicles, Linux Journal, 59:40-45, March 1999,
Electronic version of the paper


The goal of the ARGO Project is to develope active safety systems for the vehicle of the future. These systems are able to understand the environmental conditions and, in case of sudden danger, they can warn the driver or even take the control of the vehicle. Furthermore, these systems have the capability to fully drive the vehicle without human intervention (Automatic Driving). ARGO, the prototype vehicle developed at the University of Parma, Italy, has been demonstrated to the public and the scientific community in June 1998, when it drove itself autonomously for more than 2000 km on the Italian highway network. The whole real-time data acquisition and processing is performed on a single Pentium MMX-based PC running Linux.

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