Computer Engineering Paper Alberto Broggi, Word Parallelism vs Spatial Parallelism: a performance optimization technique on the PAPRICA system, In Proceedings 3rd EuroMicro Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Processing, pages 236-243, Sanremo, Italy, January, 25-27 1995. IEEE Computer Society - EuroMicro,
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Starting from the analysis of the hardware efficiency of SIMD systems which use an external memory for data storage, this paper discusses a critical point in hardware design. In particular it presents a technique aimed to the maximization of the data bus efficiency. This technique is based on the transformation of the initial data set into a packed one, and can be successfully implemented on systems which allow a dynamic mapping between the Processing Array and the External Memory. As an example, the PAPRICA system is considered. An optimizing Assembly-to-Assembly translator has been developed for the automatic conversion of a generic PAPRICA Assembly program working on binary data sets into its equivalent version working on packed data sets. An example of a thinning filter shows how this technique can improve the performances.

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