Computer Engineering Paper Deborah Braid, Alberto Broggi, and Gary Schmiedel, The TerraMax Autonomous Vehicle, Journal of Field Robotics, 23(9):693-708, Sept 2006,
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The TerraMax vehicle is based on Oshkosh Truck's Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement truck platform and was one of the five vehicles able to successfully reach the finish line of the 132 miles DARPA Grand Challenge desert race. Due to its size (30 000 pounds, 27 0 long, 8 4 wide, and 8 2 high) and the narrow passages, TerraMax had to travel slowly, but its capabilities demonstrated the maturity of the overall system. Rockwell Collins developed, integrated, and installed the intelligent Vehicle Management System, which includes vehicle sensor management, navigation, and vehicle control systems. The University of Parma provided the vehicle's vision system, while Oshkosh Truck Corp. provided project management, system integration, low level controls hardware, modeling and simulation support, and the vehicle.

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