Marco Locatelli

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Informatica
Universita' di Parma
Viale G.P.Usberti 181/A
43100 Parma (Italy)
tel. +39  0521 905711
fax  +39   0521    905798




Marco Locatelli

Born in Piacenza, 10/01/1968

Got the Degree in Information Science at the Universita' Statale di Milano
(July 16, 1992) presenting a thesis with the title "Algoritmi Bayesiani per
l'Ottimizzazione Globale" and getting the final mark 110/110 cum laude.

In the period November 1992-November 1996 attended the Ph.D. courses in
Matematica Computazionale e Ricerca Operativa at the Universita' Statale di
Milano and got the Ph.D. degree by presenting a thesis with the title
"Algoritmi di Ottimizzazione Globale"

In the period April 1997-March 1998 and in July 1998 obtained a fellowship
by the University of Trier (Germany) working with the research group of
Prof. Dr. R.Horst

In the period September 1998-October 1999 obtained a Post-Doc fellowship by
the Dipartimento di Sistemi e Informatica, Universita' di Firenze

From November 1999 until March 2002 he has worked as researcher by the Dipartimento di Informatica,
Universita' di Torino

Since March 2002 he is associate professor  by the Dipartimento di Informatica,
Universita' di Torino

Since October 2009 until October 2010 he is associate professor  by the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione,
Universita' di Parma

Since November 2010 he is full professor  by the Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione,
Universita' di Parma

He is member of the editorial board of Computational Optimization and Applications and of Journal of Global Optimization


His research interests are related to problems in Continuous Global Optimization.
In this field he has explored from the theoretical and/or experimental point of view
the following issues:

Multistart like algorithms
Simulated annealing algorithms for continuous global optimization
One-dimensional global optimization
Concave optimization over polytopes
Convex envelopes
Domain reductions
Standard quadratic problems
Complexity of global optimization problems
Packing problems
Molecular conformation problems
Space trajectory planning problems

See also the Global Optimization Laboratory




INTERNATIONAL JOURNALS (published or accepted for publication)

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(b) Papers published on international edited books

1. M.Locatelli, F.Schoen, "Theoretical and experimental analysis of Random
Linkage algorithms for global optimization", System Modelling and
Optimization, 473-480 (1995)

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(c) Others

1. M.Locatelli, "Algoritmi di ottimizzazione globale", Ph.D. thesis (in

2. M.Locatelli, F.Schoen, L.Tonelli, "Il degente virtuale", Management
ospedaliero, 108/109, 171-174, Maggio-Agosto 1998 (in italian)

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thesis, Bollettino U.M.I., (8), 1-A Suppl., 189-192 (1998) (in italian)

4. M.Locatelli, book review of "Optimal solution of nonlinear equations" by K. A. Sikorski,
Computer Journal, 45(2) (2002)

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