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        abstract = {Evaluating novel applications and protocols in realistic scenarios has always been a very important task for all stakeholders working in the networking field. Network emulation, being a trade-off between actual deployment and simulations, represents a very powerful solution to this issue, providing a working network platform without requiring the actual deployment of all network components. We present NEMO, a flexible and scalable Java-based network emulator, which can be used to emulate either only a single link, a portion of a network, or an entire network. NEMO is able to work in both real and virtual time, depending on the tested scenarios and goals, and it can be run as either a stand-alone instance on a single machine, or distributed among different network-connected machines, leading to distributed and highly scalable emulation infrastructures. Among different features, NEMO is also capable of virtualizing the execution of third-party Java applications by running them on top of virtual nodes, possibly attached to an emulated or external network.}