• P. Marchini, A. Medioli, L. Belli and L. Davoli. Internet of Things e Industria 4.0. Un case study di successo di digital manufacturing. Management Control, (3):11–34, 2019. bib | preprint | doi ]
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        abstract = {The value creation through production is currently shaped by Industry 4.0, whose paradigm aims at improving industry management and business processes. Through a case study, this research describes the renovation steps, in a manufac-turing environment. The research aims to study how the introduction of digital in-novation helps in making more efficient and time saving production (RQ1), as well as in increasing product quality, enabling on time detection of non-conformity (RQ2). At theoretical level, the research aims to close the gap between the Internet of Things (IoT) application and real-word aspects, analyzing how an industry 4.0 transformation could be modelled and implemented. At managerial level, the study shows how IoT technologies and process digitalization should provide ad-vantages in terms of cost reduction, product quality control, allowing continuous collection of heterogeneous data useful to optimize the production further.},
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