• L. Belli, S. Cirani, L. Davoli, G. Ferrari, L. Melegari, M. Montón and M. Picone. A Scalable Big Stream Cloud Architecture for the Internet of Things. In Fog Computing: Breakthroughs in Research and Practice, IGI Global, pp. 25–53, 2018. bib | doi ]
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        abstract = {The Internet of Things (IoT) will consist of billions (50 billions by 2020) of interconnected heterogeneous devices denoted as ``Smart Objects:'' tiny, constrained devices which are going to be pervasively deployed in several contexts. To meet low-latency requirements, IoT applications must rely on specific architectures designed to handle the gigantic stream of data coming from Smart Objects. This paper propose a novel Cloud architecture for Big Stream applications that can efficiently handle data coming from Smart Objects through a Graph-based processing platform and deliver processed data to consumer applications with low latency. The authors reverse the traditional ``Big Data'' paradigm, where real-time constraints are not considered, and introduce the new ``Big Stream'' paradigm, which better fits IoT scenarios. The paper provides a performance evaluation of a practical open-source implementation of the proposed architecture. Other practical aspects, such as security considerations, and possible business oriented exploitation plans are presented.},
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