Organizing Committee


Stefano Cagnoni

University of Parma, Italy


Pierre Collet

Univ. Littoral, France 


Giuseppe Nicosia

University of Catania, Italy


Leonardo Vanneschi

University of Milan Bicocca, Italy




EC2AI - ECAI Workshop on

Evolutionary Computation

Riva del Garda, 28 August 2006



9.00 Workshop Opening


Session 1: Optimization (chair: S. Cagnoni)

9.10 An Evolutionary Approximation Scheme for the Multidimensional 0/1 Knapsack Problem

C.L. Alonso, F. Caro, J.L. Montana


9.35 Memetic Algorithms for the Job Shop Scheduling Problem with

Sequence Dependent Setup Times

M.A. González, C.R. Vela, J. Puente, M. Sierra, R. Varala


10.00 Coffee break


Session 2: Pattern Recognition and Image Processing (chair: A. MIlani)

10.40 Evolving Kernel Function for Support Vector Machines

L. Dioşan, M. Oltean


11.05 Genetic Segmentation of High-resolution Satellite Images

J. Řiçný


11.30 Evolving Neural Networks for Classifiers Prediction with XCSF

D. Loiacono, P.L. Lanzi


11.55 Genetically Searched Classifier Hierarchies for Surface Identification

J.M. Martínez-Otzeta, B. Sierra, E. Lazkano


12.30  Lunch


Session 3:  Swarm Intelligence and Coevolution (chair: A. Moraglio)

14.10 A Genetic Algorithm for Interactive Dynamic Production

M. Baioletti, A. Milani, V. Poggioni, S. Suriani


14.35 Clustering Particles for Multimodal Function Optimization

A. Passaro, A. Starita


15.00 Ant Colony Optimization for Multivalent Graph Matching Problems

O Sammoud, C Solnon, K Ghédira


15.30 Coffee Break


Session 4: Theory and Applications (chair: L. Dioşan)

16.00 Towards Convergence of Learning Classifier Systems Value Iteration

J. Drugowitsch, A.M. Barry


16.25 Inbreeding Properties of Geometric Crossover and Non-geometric Recombinations

A. Moraglio, R. Poli


16.50 Modelling Expressive Performance using Consistent Evolutionary Regression Trees

A. Hazan, R. Ramirez



International Advisory Board


Marco Gori,

University of Siena, Italy


Evelyne Lutton,

INRIA, France


Vincenzo Piuri,

University of Milan Crema, Italy


Riccardo Poli,

University of Essex, UK  


Guenther Raidl,

Vienna University of Technology, Austria


Franz Rothlauf,

University of Mannheim, Germany


Marco Schaerf,

University of Rome La Sapienza, Italy


Michele Sebag,

University of Paris South, France


Andrea Tettamanzi

University of Milan Crema, Italy


Marco Tomassini,

University of Lausanne, Switzerland