Computer Engineering Paper Massimo Bertozzi, Alberto Broggi, Thorsten Graf, Paolo Grisleri, and Michael Meinecke, Pedestrian Detection in Infrared Images, In Procs. IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium 2003, pages 662-667, Columbus, USA, June 2003.
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This paper describes an approach for pedestrian detection in infrared images. The developed system has been implemented on an experimental vehicle equipped with an infrared camera and preliminarily tested in different situations. It is based on the localization of warm symmetrical objects with specific size and aspect ratio; since also road infrastructures and other road participants may have such characteristics, a set of matched filters was added in order to reduce false detections. A final validation process, based on the human shape s morphological characteristics, is used to build the list of pedestrian appearing in the scene. No temporal correlation, nor motion cues are used in this first part of the project.

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