Computer Engineering Paper Alberto Broggi, Massimo Bertozzi, Francesco Gregoretti, Roberto Passerone, Claudio Sansoè, and Leonardo Reyneri, A Dedicated Image Processor Exploiting Both Spatial and Instruction-Level Parallelism, In Charles C. Weems Jr., editor, Proceedings CAMP'97 - Computer Architectures for Machine Perception, pages 106-115, Boston, October 20-22 1997. IEEE Computer Society,
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This paper presents the PAPRICA-3 massively parallel SIMD system, designed as a hardware accelerator for real-time image processing tasks. It is composed of a linear array of single-bit processing elements, including a fairly complex pipelined controller, thus allowing the system to take advantage also of the intrinsic parallelism in a program. A programming environment has been developed to ease the prototyping of applications: a code generator converts C++ programs into assembly, and code optimization is performed directly at the assembly level, following a genetic approach. The effectiveness of the processor, as well as of the code optimizer, are discussed with the aid of an application example for handwritten character recognition.

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